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Mark Webb

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Welcome to the October edition of FP Viewpoint.

This month we are focusing on implementation . The insight guide featured is one in a series that we will feature on this critical, but rarely analysed topic.

The first Insight Guide builds the case for focusing on implementation by consolidating research and our consulting experience to quantify the value leakage that typically occurs. This is money that has been “found”, but fails to be “got” or “kept”!

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During October, our Innovation Sponsor, Jon Hughes, took a look at the latest announcements from the NHS on procurement reform and produced an incisive blog that recommends some clear changes to the current approach.

Read Jon’s blog here

The rate of progress is shockingly slow and we will return to this topic next month to share some of our experiences in trying to help drive improvement in NHS procurement.

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Benchmark Your Category Management Capability

Future Purchasing can benchmark your Category Management capability using our Catman Adoption Framework™ . This confirms the scale of additional benefit available to your organisation by optimising Category Management. We compare you against “world class” performance across 100 criteria and work with you to prioritise the improvement areas, develop an implementation roadmap and quantify the additional value available. The process takes 3-5 days and we believe this is the most effective way to start unlocking the 49%-111% additional value available from Category Management.

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How Much Does Implementation Matter?”

Today we are focusing on a fresh topic – implementation - and quantifying why it is so important

Procurement teams that invest significantly in Category Management are quite rightly focused on category strategy creation including the definition of true business requirements and the identification of value improvement opportunities – the “Find It” part of Category Management. Not all of those business requirements and value improvements get implemented – resulting in significant value leakage. The insight guide we are sharing today identifies:

  • Where should planning for implementation start?
  • What % of identified Category Management value leaks away?
  • What does this mean in $ terms?

Read our Insight Guide on
“How Much Does Implementation Matter?”
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In next month’s Insight Guide we will looked at the disciplines required to successfully translate business requirements and value opportunities during the implementation steps and stop value leakage.

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Access the 2015 Category Management Leadership Report

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knowledge hub October's Most Popular Blog

The most popular blog during October was “Vision, Aspiration, Direction & Action”: Why the NHS Still Needs to Raise its Game Dramatically in the Search for £22bn of Efficiency Savings by 2020” . In this blog Jon Hughes looks at the latest announcements on NHS procurement and the lack of real progress on procurement reform in the NHS.

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