Procurement Training & Consultancy


Creating sustainable performance improvement in procurement and category management

Our mission is to build the world’s greatest procurement teams.

We have 17 years’ experience of working with leadership teams to implement procurement change programmes that enable whole organisations to make a permanent shift and swiftly unlock maximum value from their supplier spend. 

We co-design performance improvement programmes with senior leaders and transfer world class and lasting behavioural and technical procurement skills to both senior and junior procurement team members to achieve that objective. 


Cultivating the right procurement environment 

We care about delivering real procurement performance improvement that is owned by you and your team.  We help to design and build procurement change programmes to achieve your desired outcomes.   

We diagnose

We have proven diagnostic approaches and frameworks that identify the issues you need to address within your category and supplier management teams. We will recommend a plan of action to deliver the value identified.

We design

We bring our expertise in designing transformation programmes to address all priority improvement opportunities that we have identified. Our approach is pragmatic yet customised to your environment. 

We implement

We manage the implementation of the plan with you, depending on internal capability and the time to value required. We use our experience to continuously improve programme efficiencies by identifying interdependencies and anticipating bottlenecks.  

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Creating ownership and momentum 

Coaching, whether done by us or your line managers, is critical for building and embedding new skills. We support individuals to practice, use and permanently adopt new skills and become experts. 

Coaching is a core competence of all our consultants and a specialism of many. We use both well established and emerging coaching tools and techniques as part of individual and team coaching programmes that fully integrate with our broader change programmes. 

This is a blended offer that includes small group clinics, peer coaching groups, category team facilitation, coach-the-coach and one-on-one coaching. We respond quickly and closely to your organisation’s needs and give your team ownership of their performance improvement. This provides the most effective route to upskill your team. 

Our coaches have a minimum of 15 years line management and consultancy experience to draw on. They recognise the difference between mentoring and coaching and will tailor their approach based on the needs of the category manager at that point in time. They listen closely, engage openly and ask questions designed to challenge the procurement professional, expand their world view and enhance performance. They prompt coachees to uncover the unseen and develop their approaches and solutions and really embed the understanding.  


Combine capability uplift with performance outcomes 

All of our training sessions are virtual, allowing them to be spread out and provided just-in-time, as real category, supplier and negotiation strategies are created. This allows clients to flexibly combine capability uplift with the performance outcomes, deliverables and ROI typically associated with consultant led programmes. 

This immediate application of learning allows new skills to be practiced with stakeholders with outputs and solutions being continuously improved as the programme progresses. It can be fully integrated with a coaching programme to reinforce the learning. 

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Fully customised and blended 

In collaboration with you, we custom configure our programme design and material to your team’s unique challenges and the opportunities available for procurement performance improvement in your organisation. These are tightly linked to your overall business objectives and strategies 

The resultant capability development programme blends the right elements for you from our broad range of consultancy, coaching and training programmes, to precisely meet your organisation’s needs and deliver maximum benefits. 

More than learning 

We work with design teams and procurement leaders to identify priority behavioural and technical skills to include in your personalised development programme.  We aim for long term skills transfer and we prioritise the transfer of ownership of any change to you, enabling you to define and develop exceptional procurement competence over time. 

All our programmes are instructor led and contain the optimum combinations of consultancy, coaching and training based on your requirements. 

World-class expertise 

We continually refresh our approach based on the findings of our world-renowned category management benchmark survey.  

Everyone in the Future Purchasing team is a procurement expert with a minimum of 15 years line and consulting experience. They excel in shifting mind-sets, developing capability, engaging stakeholders and role modelling best practice. All our consultants are adept at dealing with the challenges of embedding learning in large, complex organisations. 

Measuring the quality and output of your investment in learning 

 We continuously measure reaction, knowledge, behaviours and results throughout your programme. You will see a big increase in the quality and number of ideas and innovations identified – covering cost, risk and revenue.  

Compelling strategies will be created with, and approved by, fully supportive stakeholders from within your business. Our experience shows us that you will see significant overall financial results and ROI from whichever blend of programmes we deliver.  

In my career, this is the training that has most changed what I do

Future Purchasing is a trusted partner to our lead team with deep knowledge of procurement techniques, always open to tailor our training needs to the different objectives and different stakeholders groups, from procurement teams to senior business stakeholders

this is the way we need to work in the future, and the joined-up thinking has really benefited us. Well done, you really listened 


Expert led training and development in procurement category management, supplier management, procurement negotiation and strategic alignment that transforms your procurement team with a tangible return on Investment.