Procurement Transformation

Procurement Transformation

Future Purchasing’s Procurement Transformation programme will take your organisation to a new level of financial performance through a fully integrated approach that fundamentally reduces costs, improves working capital and reduces supplier risk. Typically, many organisations feel they have only unlocked one-third of available supplier value . We will improve on this.

In our experience, clients from both the private and public sector achieve a 10:1 return on investment with our three phase approach to Procurement Transformation Strategy.


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Our Approach to Procurement Transformation
Phase 1: Building the initial case for change
Phase 2: Designing and planning the transformation programme
Phase 3: Implementing the transformation programme
What's New in Procurement Transformation
Overview: Public Sector Procurement Transformation & Reform
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What's New in
Procurement Transformation

Benchmarking procurement capability versus undertaking a strategic diagnostic.

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