Overview: Public Sector Procurement Transformation & Reform

Procurement is 40% of the expenditure of the public sector and 20% of UK GDP. Conventional spend is £243bn, with PFI liabilities of £267bn. It represents £5,000 for every UK taxpayer.

How well that money is spent has a considerable impact on service delivery, financial performance of the UK and its ongoing growth. There are few areas of government that can release so much money, so readily, and with so little political disagreement or social detriment. It is a prime area for transformation and reform.

Transforming £500bn of annual spend and ongoing supplier liabilities requires committed and concerted leadership focus and attention from ministers, permanent secretaries, chief executives and top executives down.

Future Purchasing and Henley Business School, University of Reading have created a strategy blueprint and action plan for reform, Why Public Procurement is Central to the UK’s Economic Performance .... and How to Transform It. A Strategy for Deficit Reduction, Service Delivery and Economic Growth. Download a complimentary copy of the report from the Knowledge Hub here.

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Overview: Public Sector Procurement Transformation & Reform
Public Sector Deficit Reduction Report
Overview of this Transformational Strategy
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