David Noble, Chief Executive Officer, CIPS endorses the strategic goals that underpin the report and is fully committed to reform, modernisation and professionalisation of public sector procurement.

When top quality professional procurement and supply management is closely aligned with enterprise-wide programmes of change, it becomes a powerful lever for transformation. This has been apparent for many years in leading private sector companies. It is now time for the public sector to do the same, building on the pockets of excellence in procurement that already exist, as I have seen as part of my role as non-executive director on the Government’s Procurement Executive Board.

Three strategic goals are highlighted in this report, which I thoroughly endorse. Firstly there is substantial scope for multi-billion pound cost savings through the application of best practice and high standards; structural change to allow aggregation to take place; and process modernisation across £0.25tr of third party expenditure.

Multiple interventions are available to unlock these savings, which will make a substantial contribution towards the Government’s deficit reduction goals.

Secondly procurement needs to act as a value broker connecting the capabilities of third party suppliers with the challenging demands of frontline service delivery in an age of austerity. There is huge scope for innovation here. And thirdly, the scale of public procurement expenditure will encourage new suppliers and supply chains to emerge as the balance between in-service provision and external service delivery is reconfigured. This is capable of stimulating economic growth and the competitive advantage of the UK.

Change of this magnitude is extremely demanding and requires strong leadership, investment in people and continual upgrading of skills, competencies and capabilities. CIPS is fully committed to supporting this professionalisation agenda and we look forward to working closely with politicians, senior executives, commercial directors and all involved in the reform and modernisation of public sector procurement.

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Overview: Public Sector Procurement Transformation & Reform
Public Sector Deficit Reduction Report
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Public Sector Deficit Reduction Report
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