Public Sector Category Management: Boosting Procurement Productivity

Public Sector Category Management

All parts of the public sector have an immediate need to drive substantial savings and maximise value for money. It impacts all sourcing, bids, tenders, supplier selection and post-contract supplier management. At the same time greater leverage is required, through mandated collaboration, aggregation, procurement hubs, shared services and departmental mergers. Many innovative approaches are emerging as parts of the sector fundamentally redefine their role, with much greater emphasis on external commissioning of services.

High quality decision-making across multiple stakeholder groups is essential. Major programmes and big projects need to be delivered on time, in a much more cost effective manner. Category management is the heartland procurement process that ensures rigorous but fast delivery for maximum value.

Future Purchasing is a centre of excellence for category management. Three core processes of category planning, strategic sourcing and supplier management are the critical components. We provide best practice guides, tools, techniques as well as top quality “firepower” through expert process design and direct support for major procurement exercises. We drive category and supplier strategies through to timely and successful implementation

Ways in which Future Purchasing can support you
  • Rapid access to high quality best practice process steps, tools, techniques and templates
  • Fast and easy-to-use e-enabled category management to boost team productivity
  • Direct consulting support for major procurements.
  • Consulting and coaching in making collaboration work.

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