Public Sector Procurement Transformation

Six Pillars of Procurement Transformation

Transformation requires a broad coalition of top politicians, public sector leaders, key stakeholders and the most senior commercial, programme, procurement and commissioning directors. It calls for their active support and real commitment to change ways of working. This is a high priority for central and local government, the NHS, Defence and PFI.

The majority of third party spend is controlled not by procurement professionals but by senior budget holders and those in charge of service delivery. They are the pivotal leaders who need to be accountable for procurement transformation, and fully supportive of it.

Ways in which Future Purchasing can help you
  • Conduct opportunity and capability assessments. Structure rolling 12-month change plans. DIrectly support CEOs and leadership teams
  • Objectively assess spend. Determine commercial and organisational options to drive major cost savings.
  • Improve internal stakeholder collaboration. Build joint target ownership, change plan commitment and active sponsorship for major category and supplier projects.

A structured framework around six pillars of public sector procurement transformation can be found in the strategy report, Why Public Procurement is Central to the UK’s Economic Performance .... and How to Transform It


Public Sector Procurement Transformation Pillars

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