What's New in Procurement Transformation

Benchmarking procurement capability versus undertaking a strategic diagnostic

All organisations are interested in benchmarking their relative procurement capability. This usually involves a sectoral peer analysis and also comparisons with perceived cross-sectoral procurement leaders. Whilst valid as a broad brush indicator, in our experience these exercises are objective and usually quantitative, but do not generate the detailed findings required to help define meaningful improvements or change programmes. In order to allow comparisons they are generic exercises that do not take into account specific client situations or sector environment.


In our view, if a client is looking to build a rich understanding of the additional contribution that procurement can make to an organisation a custom designed strategic diagnostic is much more helpful. This involves intensive but deep data gathering along with structured interviews with procurement team members, stakeholders and ideally suppliers. This should be backed up with some qualitative comparisons with external organisations, but these should always be positioned as indicative, rather than definitive.

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What's New in Procurement Transformation
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