Our Supplier Management Research

In our recent supplier management research , 950 participants identified an average of 23% additional value available from their strategic relationships. This scale of opportunity is why most major organisations have supplier management in their Top 5 objectives. It is also why we have built a leading capability in this area, staffed by industry experienced practitioners.

All organisations have a number of strategic relationships that are underperforming. These are readily identified due to poor service, poor quality performance and poor working relationships. The impact of poor supplier management includes risk of supply failure, poor quality or service performance, loss of revenue and wasted time.

We use our proprietary supplier management process and tools to engage stakeholders from both sides and identify the root causes of problems and areas for value improvement. The findings and recommendations are summarised in a Relationship Diagnostic Report that includes a practical Relationship Re-launch Plan that directly addresses the root causes of the underperformance. 

Our experts then work with client teams to deliver the value improvement opportunities identified through clear communications, disciplined planning, continuous monitoring and a focus that comes from feeling accountable.

Benefits we have delivered to our clients by re-launching relationships include:

  • Reducing risk and exposure
  • Clarifying internal responsibilities and improving communications
  • Improving service and quality performance to contract
  • Increasing revenue
  • Increasing innovation capture
  • Delivering cost reductions and value improvements
  • Implementing standard performance measurement systems
  • Integrating processes between clients and suppliers

Contact Mark to find out how we can help you to unlock the additional 23% of value from your major supplier relationships.

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