SRM Programme Design & Management

Implementing SRM across an organisation can be a major change as it will impact multiple stakeholders, longstanding relationships and the day to day activities of many staff. This complexity calls for extremely well structured change management planning and a very sound grasp of both the content and implementation issues connected with the SRM process.

Our team’s experience of leading SRM change with Fortune 500 companies has given us this understanding which we combine with disciplined programme management to ensure that all key activities are identified, aligned, controlled and ultimately completed to schedule. 

Our programme managers work closely with key internal clients to share their insights and create an early focus on addressing implementation issues and the rapid value delivery that secures stakeholder support. Communication planning & execution of those plans is critical to the ongoing success as we recognise the various emotional stages of change and plan interventions to mitigate.

Our clients also ask us for assistance on challenging and important programme issues, such as:

  • Obtaining executive support and sponsorship
  • Competency frameworks and staff profiling for SRM
  • Educating stakeholders and building awareness
  • Segmenting and prioritising suppliers
  • Early delivery of exemplar projects
  • Migrating from existing processes
  • SRM benefit measurement and benefit targets
  • Aligning SRM and sourcing activities
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