Supplier Relationship Diagnostics

At any point in time, an organisation will have a number of major supplier relationships that are underperforming. These are often readily identified due to a combination of poor service, poor quality performance and poor working relationships between the organisations. The impact of relationship underperformance can be substantial: wasting internal staff time resolving issues through to loss of revenue, service failure and the opportunity cost of not unlocking the full value available.


Clients want our experts to get directly involved in understanding these relationships. Using our proprietory perception and diagnostic tools, we engage all key stakeholders from the client and supplier. Our mission is to rapidly confirm the key issues, identify the underlying root causes of problems and areas for value improvement.


Our clients have found that using an objective third party to analyse the relationship is the most effective route to rapidly uncover the real issues for relationship underperformance. We find that suppliers are wary about admitting weaknesses or being openly critical of client staff.

The findings and recommendations are summarised in a Relationship Diagnostic Report that includes a practical Relationship Re-launch Plan that directly addresses the root causes of the underperformance. The plan is usually developed in consultation with the supplier to ensure accelerated implementation.

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