Supplier Segmentation & Relationship Governance

Many organisations struggle to segment the supply base in useful ways that both stand intelligent scrutiny and are simple to apply in practice. Depending on the sector there can be huge emotional swings in the organisation to prioritise risk over value and vice versa. The fact is segmentation must sensibly include both and set sensible parameters to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

Our experts work with client teams to design ( or provide) a segmentation model that fits suitably to any legacy approaches. We then provide strong guidance on appropriate governance relevant to the segment and help to educate both the internal procurement teams to their supplier relationship manager roles and also the core team who will become the Supplier Relationship team. This, critically would include the Relationship sponsor taken from within the business.

Benefits we have delivered to our clients by conducting supplier segmentation & Relationship governance include:

  • Enabling a realistic Supplier Management change programme based on strong segmentation principles
  • Clarifying internal responsibilities
  • Ensuring strategic alignment – internally and externally
  • Defining, standardising and implementing performance measurement systems
  • Integrating processes between clients and suppliers
  • Obtaining internal buy-in cross functionally
  • Implementing standard performance measurement systems
  • Integrating processes between clients and suppliers

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