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Purchasing people find up to 50% more can be delivered from supplier negotiations when you are properly prepared and your approach is directly linked to category, supplier and business strategies. Our advanced programme results in superior negotiation outcomes. Our approach is informed by our award winning category and supplier management frameworks which creates deep insight into suppliers interests.

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How do you create the opportunity to deliver 50% more from your negotiations?

Compelling research into negotiation outcomes repeatedly demonstrates that the best results come from excellent preparation and skilled execution that is clearly aligned to existing supplier, category and business strategies. Our approach to procurement negotiation training courses is to provide a simple to follow framework and toolkit for the preparation and execution of a winning negotiation strategy based on that concept.

All our learning programs build on our years of experience in procurement education and learning best practice. We maximise delegate engagement and learning by ensuring that;

  • 75% of course time is activity based, using case studies, role plays, discussion and feedback
  • 25% of course time is input sessions on new tools, techniques and personality insights
  • We work on your current negotiations to find new and better ways forward
  • We give individual feedback and coaching throughout the programme
  • We encourage individual planning for current negotiations within the workshops

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Negotiation process overview

Four ways that we can help you to develop and embed negotiation competence

There are many approaches to negotiation and negotiation training available in the market. Our approach addresses key gaps identified by clients in general negotiation training and provides advantage in four areas:

Programme structure

Our approach to negotiation is focused on the buying organisation and the tools, techniques and skills needed by procurement people to excel at negotiation. Our training approach is based around examples and case studies which are taken from the world of purchasing, rather than being based on negotiation as a sales skill. This embeds learning far more quickly into the procurement team. The training is built from a series of core modules and we are able to customise the programme to suit the particular objectives and challenges your organisation faces.


The core of our approach to negotiation is to recognise and build alignment of the negotiation strategy to business, category and supplier strategies. We leverage the power of category and supplier management, making sure that the content of those fundamental approaches is at the heart of the development of a negotiation strategy. By doing this, we can both reinforce the learning and insight from category and supplier management, and short-cut the delivery in critical areas as we use many of the same tools and techniques.  

Negotiation Advantage recognises that a negotiation takes place between two businesses, and for that to be effective, our negotiators must be representing the whole business. By harnessing the power of cross-functional teams in the development of complex negotiations, we optimise the strategy developed and results achieved.  

Our approach also recognizes the power of the individual in a negotiation, and the impact that personality has on all our approaches to negotiation. We use well developed profiling techniques to help people understand the impact of personality on their own and suppliers’ approaches to negotiation and the implications of that for team set-up and strategy.  

We also explore the links between our interests as a business, the needs and wants we express and how that all comes together within a negotiation. By developing the same understanding of the supplier side, we build a more advanced picture of what we need to achieve within a negotiation and options for success. All of this is built on the legitimacy we possess, both individually and as a business and we explore how to ensure that our legitimacy is understood and protected.

Delivery methods

Our negotiation training for procurement programmes are designed knowing that a learning workshop is only a part of the whole process of developing skills in negotiation. We help businesses build a blended learning experience that takes the participants on a journey from establishing a need and expectation for the learning experience through to post-course practice and reinforcement. We work on existing negotiations within the workshop environment, allowing participants to explore how the education applies in the real world.  We also provide post-workshop coaching on real negotiations to embed the learning even further.

Materials provided

We have a core process which we flex and modify to suit particular client requirements, language and restrictions. This provides a foundation for education activity and also acts as a permanent reminder of the trained approach – ensuring new ways of negotiating are always applied.  The core process is supported with a wide range of practical tools and templates ready for use in the workplace. We agree all specific content with our clients, ensuring that the Negotiation Advantage approach is bringing the maximum level of benefit to our clients.

Client Testimonials

“The role playing exercises were very good. Using our own work examples gave people real recognition on how to implement new techniques with immediate benefit”
“Workshop will help me to better understand my and others behavioural styles and see the other persons point of view.”
“Best course I have been on – Great open discussion & breakouts – I can really apply this in my work.”

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Download Our Negotiation Advantage Overview

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