Interactive Virtual Learning Module

Category Management Practitioner

Our Category Management Practitioner module is aimed at buyers, new category managers being introduced formally to the approach, supplier managers and contract managers working with category management as a delivery process.

In this module, delegates will understand:

  • How category management adds significant value to an organisation
  • What the overall category management process looks like
  • The key role stakeholders play in category management
  • What a good category strategy looks like
  • Which are the key tools to deliver a high-quality category strategy

On completion of the module, delegates will have practiced a number of key techniques to help:

  • Initiate a category project and plan the stages of activity to completion
  • Establish effective project governance
  • Design and deliver supplier and supply market research
  • Establish business requirements within a category area
  • Engage with stakeholders with a view to co-creating strategies
  • Understand the data needed to influence a category strategy
  • Deploy a range of value levers to optimise the delivery of benefits

This 4-part module can be delivered on consecutive days or over a more extended period providing just in time learning. For some of our clients, a coaching programme is offered alongside the module to embed good practice further.

Interactive Virtual Learning Modules

Category Management

Part 1 - Category Management Overview - 3 hours

Session 1:
Category Management Overview
Session 2:
Category Charter & Governance

Part 2 - Initiate Project - 3 hours

Session 3:
Stakeholder Engagement & Influencing
Session 4:
Spend & Business Requirements

Part 3 - Research & Analyse - 3 hours

Session 5:
Price & Cost Analysis
Session 6:
Supply Market Analysis

Part 4 - Develop Strategy - 3 hours

Session 7:
Strategic Analysis
Session 8:
Develop Strategy