The FP learning experience

Each learning module has been thoughtfully designed with using best practices in online learning:

Learning Overview

  • Training is delivered in half-day blocks, consisting of 2 x 90-minute sessions. As a result, a 2-day face-to face category management programme is delivered over 4 half-days, consisting of 8 x 90-minute sessions. This structure helps maintain focus.
  • Half-day sessions can be delivered on consecutive days, or 3-4 weeks apart to allow training to be applied and strategies developed in parallel.
  • Maximum of 8 people per session accessing training via suitable platform e.g. Teams, Webex, Zoom etc
  • Short, sharp input segments with 10 minutes max between activities for delegate discussions and experience sharing. This ensures high interactivity and engagement.
  • Trainers use the full facilities of the webinar software including whiteboards, breakout rooms, chat, polls and quizzes to keep sessions energetic and fun.
  • Delegates will be assigned to pre-agreed virtual breakout rooms where they work on their category, supplier or negotiation strategy


We are a Cyber Essentials accredited organisation so you can be sure that any training and/or data shared is safe and secure. We can deliver our solutions over a broad range of technology platforms to accommodate both the functionality requirements and security policies of our clients including but not limited to Microsoft Teams, GoToTraining, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Google Meet.


Each half-day session has its pre-work. As an example delegates could be asked to prepare a stakeholder map and spend profile for their category. All training content for each session is emailed or made available to delegates before the session begins. A ‘best ways to learn virtually’ briefing is also available.

Example Training Materials

  • Introduction video
  • Material handbook as a pdf download
  • Relevant templates and tools
  • Stakeholder map template download
  • Business requirements template download
  • Value levers template download
  • Course assessment form

Training Techniques

  • Trainer will provide both training input and chair session, with interruptions encouraged
  • As in face-to-face events, the trainer will keep energy levels high by asking lots of questions and moving at a comfortable pace
  • Trainer will encourage everyone to participate
  • Trainer will be able to access virtual breakout rooms to join in the discussion and answer questions
  • Trainer will use a whiteboard as they would a flipchart in a classroom training session
  • Slides will be used in pdf format so a trainer can write on them like they would with a whiteboard
  • Follow-up actions will be documented and circulated to delegates after each half-day session
  • Regular pre-prepared quizzes and polls will be used to maintain energy levels and check participants are concentrating and engaged
  • Follow-up actions will be documented and circulated to delegates after each half-day session

We listen
Future Purchasing were ambitious for us, and strove to accommodate cultural and Business Unit differences to secure ongoing and sustainable results.

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We are trusted
Future Purchasing is a trusted partner to our lead team with deep knowledge of procurement techniques, always open to tailor our training needs to the different objectives and different
stakeholder groups.

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