Finding the solution that works for you

Learning solutions tailored to our clients’ needs

Future Purchasing comes to interactive virtual learning from a position of strength. We have a 17 year global track record of designing and implementing procurement change through the business-wide implementation of category management and supplier management. We have helped teams to move capability and mindsets to become leaders in strategic procurement. As a result, our clients achieve a minimum ROI of 500% on their investment in capability uplift.

Our teaching harnesses best practice in online learning and our consultants bring their deep expertise in training, categories and industry sectors to each module that they deliver. Our commitment to online security is demonstrated through Cyber Essentials certification to protect against cyber-attacks.

Our interactive virtual training and coaching is provided just-in-time as real category/supplier/ negotiation strategies are created ensuring tangible value and ROI from investment in learning. The learning is applied immediately allowing new skills to be practiced with stakeholders and strategy content to be continuously improved as the training progresses.

We work closely with our clients to understand their particular challenges and the capabilities that need to be built and strengthened. Informed by these conversations, we develop a bespoke development pathway using the modules outlined here to construct the programmes. Some of our clients ask us to develop new modules, some ask for coaching programmes to run in parallel and accelerate the learning. We build a solution that meets your needs.

Category Management

We help you achieve better business performance through the intelligent application of category management. We use the practical experience gained from more than 90 category management consulting assignments around the globe and the world's largest and most targeted benchmark data to inform our training work. Our consultants help client teams to drive innovation and balance strategic and tactical impact from board level to category managers. We can help you to unlock more value.

Supplier Management

Structured and process-driven supplier management, that is aligned with business strategy and goals, makes organisations a more attractive customer to their suppliers and leads to value improvements and innovation. However, suppliers can also introduce supply disruption risks, reputational risks and commercial risks into your organisation, and these need to be identified and managed. Our consultants, with first-hand supplier management experience, train technical best practices and transfer behavioural know-how, such as winning trust, active listening, and influencing to transform your supplier management capability.

Procurement Negotiation

Skilled negotiation is one of the most fundamental value delivery mechanisms for procurement. Allied with wider procurement expertise and business acumen, it is a critical driver of successful business performance. A professional and standardised approach to negotiation across the procurement function through our structured training will ensure your negotiation targets are realised.

Strategic Procurement Alignment

Ensuring that procurement team activity is focused on the priorities of the business is often done inconsistently across category groups. This results in limited stakeholder support for procurement projects and reduced value delivery. We train category leaders in a strategic approach to understanding stakeholder objectives and business plans so that they can co-create an annual pipeline of category and supplier projects for their category group. These projects are fully supported and resourced by the business and deliver the outcomes your organisation expects from procurement.

Procurement Advantage Courses

We offer a range of additional modules to complement our specialisms of Category Management, Supplier Management and Procurement Negotiation. These include Total Cost of Ownership, Value Levers and Stakeholder Engagement. We also work closely with our clients to develop company-specific bespoke modules including the role of procurement for other areas of the business and key stakeholders such as board members, trustees and non-executives.