Interactive Virtual Learning Module

Supplier Management Practitioner

Our Supplier Management Practitioner module is aimed at buyers, category managers, supplier managers, contract managers and the managers of these groups. Experience of category management at a practitioner level is helpful.

In this module, delegates will understand:

  • The role of supplier management in procurement
  • Why segmentation of suppliers is a critical part of supplier management
  • What defines a strategic supplier and how to manage them
  • How to improve the performance of your key suppliers
  • The role of measurement in supplier management
  • How to create a relationship strategy

On completion of the module, delegates will have practiced a number of key techniques to help:

  • Make supplier segmentation effective
  • Understand what makes a supplier ‘strategic’ and what to do next
  • Understand the risks inherent in key supplier relationships and how to address them
  • Optimise supplier meetings to deliver the outcomes you require
  • Create a supplier performance scorecard that can be used to drive supplier performance
  • Use value levers in the context of a supplier relationship approach

This 4-part module can be delivered on consecutive days or over a more extended period providing just in time learning. For some of our clients, a coaching programme  is offered alongside the module to embed good practice further.

Interactive Virtual Learning Modules

Supplier Management

Part 1 - Supplier Management Overview - 3 hours

Session 1:
Supplier Management Overview
Session 2:
Annual Planning & Government

Part 2 - Manage Contract & Risk  - 3 hours

Session 3:
Contract Management
Session 4:
Risk Management

Part 3 - Manage Performance  - 3 hours

Session 5:
Performance Management
Session 6:
Supplier Meetings                     

Part 4 - Develop Relationship  - 3 hours

Session 7:
Relationship Management
Session 8:
Develop Relationship Strategy