Interactive Virtual Learning Module

Stakeholder Engagement

Our Stakeholder Engagement module is aimed at buyers, category managers, supplier managers, and contract managers.

In this module, delegates will understand:

  • Why stakeholder management is important
  • Techniques to increase your influence with stakeholders
  • How different personality types and their communication preferences affect your relationship with people
  • How to flex the role category managers play with different stakeholder types
  • How to increase levels of trust with stakeholders
  • How to use various meeting facilitation techniques to improve meeting outcomes

On completion of the module, delegates will have practiced a number of key techniques to help:

  • Build closer relationships and increase influence with stakeholders
  • Map stakeholders and structure a communications plan
  • Customise communications to match different personality types
  • Ask questions in order to uncover underlying issues
  • Confidently deal with conflict
  • Work effectively with stakeholders remotely

This 2-part module can be delivered on consecutive days or over a more extended period providing just in time learning. For some of our clients, a coaching programme is offered alongside the module to embed good practice further.

Interactive Virtual Learning Modules

FP Procurement Advantage Courses

Part 1 - Knowing Your Customer  - 3 hours

Session 1:
Influencing & Communication Styles
Session 2:
Consultative Selling & Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Part 2 - Achieving Outcomes  - 3 hours

Session 3:
Facilitation & Conflict Management
Session 4:
Harnessing Stakeholder Ideas