Interactive Virtual Learning Module

Strategic Procurement Alignment Awareness

Our Strategic Procurement Alignment Awareness module is aimed at category managers, supplier managers and procurement leaders. An understanding of category management and supplier management to the practitioner level is useful.

In this module, delegates will under stand:

  • How alignment of procurement with organisational strategy drives benefits
  • How business strategy needs to be identified and translated for procurement effectiveness
  • How to create a pipeline of category and supplier opportunities for each category
  • The importance of procurement and the organisation working together to create meaningful category group plans

On completion of the module, delegates will have an appreciation of how to:

  • Segment category spend and suppliers into addressable groupings
  • Analyse business strategy
  • Understand stakeholder priorities
  • Create a pipeline of category and supplier opportunities

This 1-part module is delivered over one day.

Interactive Virtual Learning Modules

Strategic Procurement Alignment

Part 1 - Strategic Procurement Alignment Overview  - 3 hours

Session 1:
Strategic Procurement Alignment Overview & Initiation
Session 2:
Strategic Analysis & Prioritisation