Interactive Virtual Learning Module

Supply Chain Risk Analysis

Our Supply Chain Risk Analysis module is aimed at category, sourcing & supplier managers and corporate risk managers.

In this module, delegates will:

  • Understand the value of supply chain risk analysis for an organisation
  • Learn the key elements of supply chain risk management
  • Understand how important stakeholder interaction and information flows between parties are in creating and/or mitigating risk
  • Learn about key tools e.g. supply & value chain mapping, supply chain analysis, risk log, FMEA and business continuity & disaster recovery planning
  • Understand the key roles and processes for active risk management
  • Be clear on the need to continuously identify and plan to mitigate key risks

On completion of the module, delegates will have practiced a number of key techniques to:

  • Identify and evaluate sources of supply chain risk for a category or spend area
  • Understand the roles stakeholders should take in supply chain risk management
  • Use a variety of supply chain risk analysis and risk management tools in the process
  • Apply and embed sound risk management practices to continuously manage risks

This 2-part module can be delivered on consecutive days or over a more extended period providing just in time learning. For some of our clients, a coaching programme is offered alongside the module to embed good practice further.

Interactive Virtual Learning Modules

Supply Chain Risk Analysis

Part 1 - Risk Types & Supply Chain Mapping  - 3 hours

Session 1:
Types of Risk & Ownership
Session 2:
Mapping & Analysing Supply Chains

Part 2 - Managing Risk  - 3 hours

Session 3:
Risk Management
Session 4:
Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery