Interactive Virtual Learning Module

Value Levers Workshop

Our Value Levers module is aimed at category managers, contract managers and supplier managers.

In this module, delegates will understand:

  • The four types of value that procurement activity can generate
  • The range of value levers available and how they can be used to radically increase value delivery from a category
  • How to use value levers to increase collaboration with stakeholders by understanding and delivering their priorities
  • How value lever opportunities are identified in category and supplier management activities
  • How value levers can be combined into strategic options and used to build a value delivery programme
  • How to evaluate the use of value lever

On completion of the module, delegates will have used a number of techniques to:

  • Create a value lever program for their own categories or suppliers
  • Understand which areas of value are currently delivering well for their categories and suppliers and which areas of value present new opportunities
  • Understand how to prioritise the initiatives identified
  • Quantify the potential value of the initiatives identified
  • Become confident in using value levers with stakeholders and securing support for breakthrough changes to categories and suppliers

This 1-part module is delivered over one day, and can be supported further to integrate the outputs into category management or strategic relationship management programmes.

The nature of the programme limits it to a small number of participants.

Interactive Virtual Learning Modules

Value Levers Workshop

Part 1 - Value Levers Overview  - 3 hours

Session 1:
Introducing the Value Levers and Initial Review
Session 2:
Detailed Review, Selection and Action Plan