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Posted 26/02/2014

A night in the hotel room channel hopping made we realise that's what procurement's stakeholders are often accused of doing - ok that's what they often do!

At home I have sky, sky + (for my favourite programmes) and a weekly TV programmes guide. This allows me to know what's coming up on TV, tape my favourite programmes and watch them when I'm fancying an evening on the sofa chilling.

In the hotel much of the tools that support the selection process are unavailable to me.

To find out what's on I need to channel hop - such a slow process and one that only enables me to know what's on at that moment in time. Which means by the time I click through to 'Dave' QI is already in full swing, or click back to BBC2 and realise I've missed Bible hunters (if last night’s outcome is anything to go by anyway). 

Isn't that what stakeholders often do to procurement - channel hop until they find something they like and then decide that's what they're going to watch. Despite the fact that had they allowed procurement to help them understand their requirements better, and explored the supply market more fully, they might have spent the next hour watching something wholly more suitable. 

Requirements such as -

 Their interests - how often do you find out the next day about a programme that was on that you'd have really enjoyed?

Their disinterests - funny how often channel hoping we end up with the best of a bad lot and don't really enjoy what we're watching

What they're up to for the rest of the week - that might have made a Ted talk a better option to inspire or inform action the next day

Budget - that might have allowed for a movie to be purchased

Time constraints - the might have meant opting for a 30min programme and not an hour where they miss the last 15mins

Understanding the Supply market

Terrestrial TV now has many competitors such as satellite channels, Iplayers, YouTube, ted talks, internet, DVDs, audiobooks, kindle and so on. Opting for terrestrial only and making choice based on the limited choice available isn't going to ensure optimal choice of programme. Even a programs guide for satellite isn't going to provide all the options.

As a stakeholder how might you engage procurement earlier in the process? As a procurement professional how might you be able to prevent your stakeholders from all that channel hopping?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  by Alison Smith

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