What Is TRACK8?

Posted 06/01/2015

Track8 is a “cloud-based” online category management tool that provides all you need to run Category Management within your organization with the following features:

  • real time project tracking
  • best-in-class process, tools and templates including the three key processes – category planning, strategic sourcing & supplier management.
  • enhanced cross functional category team working.
  • easy to share files and information for virtual Procurement teams

What are the benefits of FP’s online Category Management tool – TRACK8


Stronger Category & Supplier Strategies

  • Team skills improved, all cost reduction opportunities identified by applying best-in-class sourcing and supplier management toolkits with templates, checklists and guidance materials

Accelerated Timelines

  • Category strategies compiled within the system using templates engineered to focus on answering the “so-what” questions

Increased Rigour

  • Integrated programme governance with approval points, decision owners, activity allocation and completion tracking to ensure category and supplier projects are completed on time to a high consistent quality

Real Time Programme & Project Management

  • Management dashboard showing up-to-date progress status, KPIs and performance scorecards for every category and supplier project allowing online management and reporting

Procurement Team Engagement

  • Process steps and toolkits are customised to incorporate specific organisation and industry requirements. Category Managers are given flexibility to apply tools to meet their category & supplier relationship needs

Internal Collaboration

  • Online environment that positively engages cross-functional stakeholders, promotes active sharing of organisation knowledge, category insights and provides a platform for continuous improvement

Why wait any longer, please contact Future Purchasing to discuss your requirements and see a demo of the tool in action

What are you missing if you don’t use an online Category Management tool?

From FP’s latest survey into Category Management best practice, it is evident that the “leaders” in category management do spend time planning and implementing best practice Category Management tools and techniques. This activity is often supported by implementation of an online easy to use platform such as Track8. 

The issues you may encounter if you do not use an online category management tool are:

a)     Inconsistent use of process, tools and templates

b)     Lack of visibility of projects and degree of completion

c)     Project documents sitting on individual laptops and not accessible to the wider team

d)     No central focus for category management and its projects

e)     Limited collaboration across virtual teams

f)       Lack of knowledge and best practice sharing

g)     Poor access to leading edge tools and templates

h)     Limited control of projects because of poor project tracking 

Future Purchasing’s online Category Management tool “Track8” addresses all these issues in a structured yet flexible way that suits most organisations. It is easy to install, can be customized to each client requirements thereby ensuring it is more likely to be adopted by the organization, is available 24-7 and is very intuitive to use.

What our clients tell us about Track8?

Here are some of our clients views about their use of Track 8: 

One FMCG client with a very disparate, diverse and geographically spread Procurement team feels Track 8 has achieved the following things:

a)     helped to bring his team together working on common projects in a very collaborative way.

b)     helped to unite his team behind one way of working which has been extremely well received by its key business stakeholders who really appreciate seeing a consistent high quality category strategy document for discussion.

c)     the management team has also enjoyed having the transparency across all projects with the online day-to-day tracking of projects which has helped management keep track on progress in real time.

d)     Using Track 8 has also driven an increase in the number of projects being worked on as the easy to use guides & templates encourage more teams to get involved.

e)     It has also driven a healthy competitive environment among the category managers to see who can create the best or most compelling category strategies 

Another FMCG client found the following aspects of Track 8 invaluable:

a)     category management process, self help guides and easy to use templates on Track 8 were an excellent way of improving the quality of the documented category strategies. The professional and consistent way strategies were written helped to raise the profile of the Procurement team within the organisation.

b)     the Track8 tool was also used to register all projects whether large or small as a way of keeping track on the volume of work coming through the Procurement team.

c)     it was also an excellent way to keep up to date on progress of projects and programmes should they be asked at any point in time by their sponsors.

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