Making Category Management a Business Process

Posted 17/03/2015

Making Category Management a business rather than Procurement process, is the goal of many leading organisations.

This requires full engagement of the business and is why we defined the  LEAD  element of our 2014-15 Category Management survey.

Agreeing clear Category Management roles and responsibilities with the business is absolutely crucial, but sometimes challenging in sensitive category areas – and we can certainly attest to that for the TV and Film category on a project that we are currently supporting!

Another topic that we are sharing findings on in is the use of category sponsors from the business. It is surprisingly common for even the biggest and best to overlook or avoid this fundamental anchor for Category Management success. The results of the survey demonstrate the importance of this enabler with a 197% performance gap between organisations that have established category sponsors from the business versus those that have not.

Read about the scale of impact in the LEAD

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  by Mark Webb

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