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Posted 18/12/2016

“66%of organisations have now adopted a flexible category management approach that can be applied to all spend and category projects”

We added this question as a ‘new entrant’ into our survey as we have long viewed this as an important part of embedding category management in a truly sustainable way. It is great to note that two thirds of organisations are building flexibility into their process.  And interestingly the gap between leaders and followers on this question, at 72% and 62% respectively, is not significant.

Our research highlighted this flexibility in catman approach as the 15th most important driver to increased category management performance and success.

New Year’s resolution no. 18:   If you are one of the third that have not articulated a modulated, flexible process for your category management activities in a way that this one process can be used for all spend and category projects, then look to do so.  Identify what aspects of your process are ‘mandatory’ in all circumstances and make that process your “Light CatMan” process, add a few more for something a little more rigorous for a “standard CatMan” process and plenty more for a “Major CatMan” process.  Two levels of flexibility is probably not enough, and more than Four is probably overkill.  Then work out some SIMPLE key guiding criteria to help your team work out which process to choose. Beware: don’t get too academic about all this – if you start to make it too tricky the teams will lose the will to live, and just do it the way they always have done! The acid test is can you keep the guiding ‘rules’ on 1 page? Is it understandable in 1 explanation? If the answer is yes you’re in good shape! If not, get in touch with me at aford-langstaff@futurepurchasing.com if you’d like some ideas!

You can click below to download our 2016-17 Global Category Management Leadership Report Executive Summary.

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  by Allison Ford-Langstaff

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