FM’s Newest Area Of Addressable Spend May Surprise You

Posted 18/07/2017

On the subject of sourcing, there was a fair amount of discussion at the recent FM gathering in London on the subject of Water. Which, since the introduction of the Government’s Open Water scheme in April of this year, can be sourced from your selected supplier along similar lines to that of gas and electricity when they were first deregulated back in the early Nineties. This is therefore, the newest area of addressable spend. 

Unlike gas and electricity, we are not seeing massive savings and nor are we likely to do, given the level of regulation on prices over the last few years and the level of investment required to maintain and improve our ageing infrastructure. Having said that, savings of up to 5% are being achieved which could be significant to heavy users and it’s become easier with the number of Third Party Intermediaries available, to review billing and pricing errors, which are hardly uncommon, so worth the effort. 

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  by Ian Satchwell

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