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Interactive Virtual Learning, a structured approach linking training delivery, coaching and work-based experience.

by Mark Hubbard

We need to make sure that the way we are using category management is tuned to match the needs of the marketplace and the business. The current COVID-19 crisis is affecting organisations in a range of ways, Category Management implementation will have a slightly different flavour to it now.

by Mark Hubbard

Right now, we’re in the midst of something that is genuinely detracting from our ability to focus on the longer term. The short-term has gotten right in the way of anything else. Propping up supply chains is more critical than finding long-term value. Finding alternative suppliers is more essential than ensuring all value is identified and delivered. Innovation takes a distant second place to delivery.

by Mark Hubbard

Improving supply chain resilience requires category business requirements to be tested and strengthened. A recent FT opinion piece highlighted the need for a rebalancing within supply chains to ensure that resilience is prioritised over short-termism and a “beggar-thy-neighbour approach that destroys the chain altogether”.

by Mark Webb