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We are highly committed to practitioner relevant research, the creation and publication of ‘best practice’ and emerging ‘next practice’ in procurement (especially Category Management, Procurement Transformation, Supplier Management, Training & Development and Cost Reduction). UK CIPS acknowledged this with the 2006 Swinbank Award for Procurement Innovation. We continue to publish and support practitioner communities worldwide.

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Insight Guide: Hitting 2012 Savings Targets
Looks at the range of value levers that can be used to help hit ‘in year’ 2012 savings targets by delivering a rapid run rate
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Accelerated Savings Delivery From Sourcing
Captures the approaches used by companies to drive short terms savings from sourcing and category management.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Getting To Grips With Cost Management
Outlines how to develop a cost management framework for action to accelerate the delivery of benefits.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Application of Cost Management Tools
Covers the range of cost management tools that procurement teams need to apply to achieve their performance delivery targets.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Accelerated Savings Delivery From SRM
SRM techniques to close the value gap between the original sourcing promise and the implemented reality in the business.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Driving Delivery From Your Project Pipeline
Outlines the seven steps needed to ensure the pipeline of category projects delivers against their objectives in a timely fashion.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Cost Management Skills Development
Focuses on the typical skills that people need to effectively implement cost management, and practical approaches to embed these skills.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Cost Management, Part 1: Opportunity Analysis
Examines opportunity analysis as a starting point for building cost management capability.
Case Study: Compass Group.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Cost Management, Part 2: The Journey of Cost Transformation
Tracks six core themes underpinning cost transformation vs. tactical cost management.
Case Study: IBM.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Cost Management, Part 3: Radical Restructuring of a Cost Base
Explores six broad interventions for radically restructuring a cost base.
Case Study: Efficiency & Reform Group, UK Public Sector.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Cost Management, Part 4: Framework for Cost Down & Value Up
Summarises cost down and value up levers for integration into business change and sourcing strategy.
Case Study: Siemens.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Cost Management, Part 5: Structuring a 20% Cost Down Programme
Argues for well structured strategic cost innovation projects rather than tactical and often inept price down campaigns.
Case Study: Serco.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Cost Management, Part 6: Next Generation Cost Management Skills
Demonstrates the need for next generation cost management skills and provides practical pointers on best practice training design.
Case Study: Henkel.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Cost Management, Part 7: Volatile Commodity Price Risk Management
Covers three critical capabilities needed to deal effectively with volatile commodity price risk management.
Case Study: Kairos.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Cost Management Part 8
Draws together the series on cost management by arguing for deeper cultural change to sustain procurement transformations.
Case Study: Thames Water.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Driving Up Value While Driving Down Cost
Emphasises the need to link cost management initiatives with value capture and value creation.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: The Nine Major Cost & Value Options
Summarises in an easy-to-use checklist nine broad cost and value options, together with 27 initiatives that are under way in companies worldwide, which are making procurement a core business competence.
 PDF Available